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July 27, 2015

4 Booming Businesses for Entrepreneurs

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If you are looking to start up your own small business the time might be right as small business owners had average revenues of $44,000 in 2011. But if you don’t already have a passion other than entrepreneurship, starting a small business of your own might be tricky. What industry should you go into? Here is a list of 4 hot industries that you can break into with a little start-up money.

1. Food Trucks

Food trucks have been part of the USA’s main dining scene for years. Shows like Eat Street and Food Truck Nation only prove how the American public loves them not only for their novelty, but also for their delicious offerings. Once deemed the roach coach, food trucks now offer delectable food quickly and are becoming the new kings of the fast-food world. Food trucks are so popular that it is estimated that there are over 3 million of them in the US. The cost for starting up a food truck business is $55,000 minimum—which some of the most popular food trucks can make back within a year.

2. Xeriscaping Expert

If you do not live in California, you might not know what this is. It is a type of landscaping where the goal is to drought-proof a yard. This is done by using native plants and non-living elements such as rocks to create a beautiful landscape that can require as little as 30% the water that full grass lawns need. Many good Xeriscapists can charge $1,500 – $2,500 per job—not bad considering most of the start up costs are in purchasing materials and paying laborers which does not need to happen until a job is secured and a deposit made.

3. Legal Marijuana

From farming and harvesting to owning a retail store, marijuana has been termed the new gold rush. Although it is only legal in a few states, it is estimated that it is creating thousands of jobs. Regardless of the debate of if it should or should not be legal, the fact remains that marijuana can be a big money maker. Reformists, economists, and a handful of other experts estimate that the marijuana industry is worth 10 billion – 40 billion annually. Although the start-up costs can vary greatly depending on how one breaks into the industry, it can be said that almost any area is expected to be lucrative.

4. Yoga

Yoga has long been a growing field as many people turn to ways to reduce stress and keep their bodies healthy. This is a great business for budding entrepreneurs to break into because it allows new people to get started with very little capital. With the right personality and skill, a new small business owner can turn a profit with little more than a single room and an instructor.

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