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Welcome to the NCE Self-Employment Center, your source of information, services and resources related to your success in one of the nation’s fastest growing economic sectors.  NCE recognizes that self-employment is one of the most rewarding areas of work and wants to see our entrepreneurial members succeed to become leaders of the business of tomorrow.  We aim to provide resources that will assist in this success.  Together with our banking partner Bank of America we will be launching a variety of financial products and services to help your business grow. NCE works with you to provide you and your employees access to affordable health insurance and retirement planning.  NCE also provides articles and reports from the nation’s experts in the areas of taxation, corporate formation and employment law.  Join NCE today to take advantage of all we offer our self-employed members.  

Member Only Resources:

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NCE Employee Rights Series: Anti-Discrimination Law Basics:  This 33 page guide is intended to provide members with a basic understanding of the complex area of Anti-Discrimination Law.  The guide provides the Federal sources of Anti-Discrimination Law and details the process of bringing an action for discrimination in the workplace from filing a charge with the EEOC through Federal litigation.  This guide also includes helpful forms and an appendix detailing the locations of all EEOC local offices. 

NCE Health Care Access Series: Demystifying Health Insurance Decision Making: This 47 page guide gives members a basic understanding of their health insurance choices.  It evaluates Health Maintenance Organization plans (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organization plans (PPOs), Point of Service plans (POSs) and High Deductible Insurance with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).  The guide includes self-assessment exercises and a glossary of commonly used insurance terms.

NCE Employee Rights Series: Sexual Harassment Law Basics: This 30 page guide is intended to provide members with a basic understanding of the complex area of Sexual Harassment Law.  The guide provides the Federal sources of Sexual Harassment Law and details the process of bringing an action for sexual harassment in the workplace from filing a charge with the EEOC through Federal litigation.  This guide includes helpful forms, an appendix of EEOC local offices and a brief guide to State law on the topic.

General Resources:

This page will soon become the home of our NCE Trusted Partners Page and will allow you to share your experiences with career service providers with other NCE members.  In the coming weeks and months we hope to expand our products and services to provide NCE members with the peace of mind that they are using the best services available to assist them in their career decision making.  In the meantime the following government resources should be helpful.

USAJOBSThe official job site of the United States Federal Government. This site provides access to over 17,000 Government Jobs in a variety of areas. allows users to build an online resume for submission to positions.

STUDENTJOBS: The Federal Government website devoted to helping Students find employment.  This site provides access to opportunities for students of all ages to gain valuable job experience and training.

Federal Resources:
For People with Disabilities: The Office of Personnel Management has put together this website developed to assist people with disabilities in finding work with the Federal Government.       

For all Americans: The White House, as a part of its expanding electronic government initiative, has launched E-GOV, a place where you can find "information regarding the Presidential E-Government Initiatives, the Federal Enterprise Architecture, and how the government is improving delivery of services to citizens through the use of technology. 

The N.C.E. has created a completely portable package of benefits.

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