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There are now two options for joining The NCE . You can join as a full memberand get access to our group rate health insurance plans,join as an e-member for full access to the website. Both membership options include access to the The NCE /ScriptSave Select Prescription Drug Card.

Annual Membership:

Your membership includes access to all member-only content and discounts on your prescription drugs with the Direct Prescription Discount Plan.

Prescription Drug Discounts:

The NCE has partnered with a national leader in prescription discounts to offer the The NCE Select prescription savings program at no additional cost to The NCE members. As soon as you join you will receive an e-mail with detailed information about how to log in, print your prescription discount card and start saving money today!



Imaging Service Discounts:

National Congress of Employers Members Save up to 50% off the Typical Price of Your
Imaging Services With the RxCut® Plus FREE Program!

What is this program and how can it help me?

The RxCut® Plus card is available to everyone because we want to help you save money on your healthcare costs. If you are underinsured or uninsured, our program is extremely beneficial to you. Remember a simple test can save your life.
How much of a discount will I get? The Free For All® Imaging provides you FREE access to savings up to 50% off the typical price on imaging services.

How many imaging centers participate in the RxCut® Plus program?

The card can be used at over 3,800 imaging centers nationwide. To find a participating
imaging location close to you, call our concierge service at 1-800-808-1213 and select
the Imaging option when prompted.

How much does it cost to participate?

There is no cost to access the discount; however, you will need to pre-pay for your test
at the time of scheduling.

When does the card expire?

The card has no expiration date and can be used each and every time you have your
prescription filled. You can even share the same card with your friends and family. All
cards are active and ready for use.

How do I receive the benefits or schedule an appointment?*

Submit a request online via and click on the Imaging tab, or call our
concierge service at 1-800-808-1213 and select the Imaging option when prompted. Be
sure to have your Member ID RXCFXYKPC and Group# RXC418 ready. We will then
schedule your pre-paid appointment at a location near you.

*Free For All® Labs and Imaging benefits are not available in Rhode Island. Free For All® Labs and
Imaging benefits are pre-paid programs and payment must be made at time of appointment scheduling.


Professional Financial Services Discounts:

The NCE E-membership includes an impressive collection of top of the line financial services, exclusive to NCE E-members. Call our mebership hotline at (888) 886-1796 and present yourself as an NCE member to take advantage of these professional services today !

List Of Finacial Services»

Access to The NCE Member-Only Content:

The NCE's Employee Rights Series which empowers you by educating you about your legal rights at work. Topics Include; "Sexual Harassment Law Basics", "Anti-Discrimination Law Basics", "Workplace Safety Laws", "Employment Contract Basics", as well as topics related to advanced employment contract issues such as Non-Disclosure Agreements and Non-Compete Agreements. These guides will help you understand your legal relationship with your employer and teach you how to take action where appropriate.

The NCE's Health Care Access Series which focuses on helping you make good decisions about your health. This series includes topics such as; "Demystifying Health Insurance Decision Making" a guide to assist members in finding the right health insurance coverage to meet the needs of members and their families. This series will explore the reasons for the 45 million uninsured people in this country and make suggestions that will turn into programs aimed at assisting all working Americans in getting the quality care they deserve.

The NCE's Career Development Series assists our members from the initial thought process in planning a job change right through the interview, with helpful hints, tips and research opportunities to empower our membership to obtain rewarding careers. The Series enlightens our membership by profiling areas of the economy poised for growth and providing resources to assist members in training for jobs in these areas. We work with career development experts to offer weekly tips on resume writing, using online resources and on how to master the job interview. These member only materials will help you plan for a rewarding career.

The NCE's Retirement Planning Series assists our members in taking the steps they need to take today to plan for a long and enjoyable retirement. The NCE recognizes that the nature of work is changing and many employees don't work towards a pension at one employer for their entire career anymore. This situation requires thoughtful planning on the part of employees to make sure they are taking the steps today, to plan for their retirement. The NCE works with experts in the field and shares helpful planning strategy and weekly tips with our members.


E-Membership is free and includes access to all The NCE member-only content including and our Prescription Drug Discount Plan: (E-Membership Does Not Include Access to The NCE Health Insurance Benefits).

The N.C.E. has created a completely portable package of benefits.

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