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Useful Online Video: Write Winning Cover Letters
How to use your cover letter for its' proper purpose, land a meeting.


The key to writing a winning cover letter is to define what winning means.  You should be trying to use the cover letter and your resume as tools to get you in the door to meet with the individual responsible for making hiring decisions.  The cover letter should be well researched, short and to the point, and should respectfully lay out your intended course of action. 

NCE Career Development Series - Fastest Growing Career Areas: Computer and Data Processing Services

NCE is committed to assisting American employees find secure jobs with solid futures. Do want to know what careers you should be training for now to land the jobs of the next 10 years? Each week NCE will detail an industry poised for solid growth over the next decade and show you how to train now for these jobs of the future. Where appropriate we have used the classifications, descriptions and salary information created by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Department of Labor.

NCE Career Development Series - Resume Writing Tip of the Week
Each week NCE brings you a new tip for creating an effective resume with the goal of getting you into the interview for the job of your dreams. The process of creating a resume in a long and arduous task which requires real thought and effort to complete properly. We encourage you to come back to us weekly for new ideas and tips and be in the constant process of updating, changing, reworking and rethinking your resume.

This week we will talk about basic style. In the modern world of work most employers scan potential employee resumes into their database, or get such resumes through online services. There are a few simple rules to follow in order to make sure that your resume scans correctly and easily and that you are not removed from consideration for reasons unrelated to your actual skills and experience. As you will see each of these tips relates to keeping your resume style simple. This is because you do not want choices about style to detract from what is really important on your resume your skills and experience.

First, always use white or off white paper. Colored paper scans poorly and any type on colored paper is difficult to read. You should always also use basic 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper. Legal paper or any other non-standard sizes will create scanning and faxing difficulties. Make sure to print on only one side of the paper and know that despite what others may tell you it is ok for your resume to be over one page long, as long as all of the information contained is essential to telling your personal employment narrative.

Two sided printing creates scanning difficulties and your back page could be missed altogether, always print on only one side of the page. You will want to choose a common, non-decretive font and use a font size no smaller then 10 point and no larger then 14 points. NCE recommends that all employees use 12 point Times New Roman font. Use bold to make important titles or accomplishments stand out if you must, but avoid using underlining or italics. Finally, never staple or fold your resume, it creates scanning problems and is esthetically unpleasing.

If you follow these simple, common sense rules about resume style you can be sure that your potential employer will concentrate on your skills, education and experience instead of being distracted by style choices. You will also be sure that your resume will easily scan into an employer’s system and not get lost in the shuffle.

NCE Job Interview Tip of the Week
Each week NCE brings you a new tip for interviewing for the job of your dreams. The job interview process is nerve racking. The only way to prepare effectively is to constantly be working to improve your skills and practicing to develop the comfort and confidence that wins jobs. We encourage you to come back to us weekly for new ideas and tips and be in the constant process of preparing yourself for your next big interview.

Useful Online Video: 10 Top Skills 
NCE is committed to bringing you the best in online video. Employers are often looking for job specific skills when making a hiring decision. There are also general skills that all employers are searching for. Take a look at this video to find out more.

Take a look at this video to find out the top 10 characteristics employers are looking for in new employees.

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