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To offer your family a package of benefits competitive to that of the N.C.E.'s, look forward to possibly hundreds of hours of research, and comparing various products and carriers. Each month, receiving a dozen bills for different amounts, due at separate times; why not simplify? With the N.C.E.'s package of benefits, the research is already done. After sorting the scams, overpriced programs, and inferior products, we have narrowed the spectrum to present you with a menu of benefits that is extensive, yet manageable.

Spare yourself the difficulties of purchasing benefits. Once the preferred elements of your plan have been selected, simply enroll, and monthly payments can be conveniently arranged as an electronic transfer or as a single paper invoice. Then, as an N.C.E. member, you can rest confidently knowing we are continuously tracking the marketplace and current trends. You will always have an edge on the latest, most comprehensive and cost effective products available.

The N.C.E. has created a completely portable package of benefits.

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Employment, Business, Legal & Retirement Information
With our enhanced website, the NCE not only provides extensive information on legal rights, we also offer advice on business and employment. To keep members educated on the issues affecting their career and retirement preparations, the latest in news is available at all times.

Professional Business Advice
Members receive advice from some of the best legal, financial, taxation and political professionals in the Country on topics vital to the successful operation of a small business.

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