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Welcome future NCE members and visitors to our website. One of the most empowering features of our site is our continuously updated Action Center.  The purpose of the Action Center is to take the dialogue and community we build online and give it roots in the offline world.  We will work to provide you with tools that will allow you to have your opinion on a variety of employment related issues heard by policy makers, the press and the government.  We want to empower you to make your voice heard immediately on the employment issues that affect your life.  Unlike other organizations, however, NCE will not force a view upon our membership, we will attempt to give you the facts impartially, and to allow you to participate in the Action Center only when doing so reflects upon your point of view. 

There are several ways that you can participate, through email and mail campaigns, and by participating in the NCE polls, which will appear regularly throughout the website.  We need your participation, we value your opinion, please share with us so that we can represent you better.  As we roll out our offerings we hope that you will take the time to consider some of the options we plan to offer, and to be active in the organization always informing us of how we can improve our offerings to assist you.  I want to hear from you and you can reach me by clicking CONTACT US HERE. Welcome aboard!

The N.C.E. has created a completely portable package of benefits.

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With our enhanced website, the NCE not only provides extensive information on legal rights, we also offer advice on business and employment. To keep members educated on the issues affecting their career and retirement preparations, the latest in news is available at all times.

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Members receive advice from some of the best legal, financial, taxation and political professionals in the Country on topics vital to the successful operation of a small business.

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