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The N.C.E. stands for the National Congress of Employers
A national association that represents America's small and medium sized businesses via networking, advocacy, and information sharing.
Our Mission
Advocacy, Education & Benefits
The NCE seeks to provide its members with reliable services, resources, and benefits regardless of one's circumstances or means.
Need For Change
The self-employed and "Micro-Businesses" make up more than half of all businesses in the United States
Roughly forty-one million Americans go without healthcare every day. Families of the self-employed, or those working for small businesses, make up sixty percent of that total.
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Advantages of Small Business Blogging

It is no secret that social media provides a low cost way to promote your business. Websites like Facebook and Twitter provide an outlet for small business owners to communicate with a large number of people for little expense. Blogs are another great way for small business owners to build a community around your business [...]

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How To Turn Website Traffic Into Sales

No Matter what you are selling online from dresses to tools or even pet food, there are some key features that you can implement to help boost your online sales. Most people agree that the number one way to find out what works best for your business is to be willing to try out different [...]

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Avoiding Chargebacks: Costumer Service is King

In the age of Internet businesses, there are more and more credit cards transactions and that means more chances for chargebacks. Chargebacks, unfortunately, are an unavoidable occurrence and many small business owners find them not only a nuisance to dispute but also they can have a negative effect on cash flow and merchant rates. The [...]

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Small Bussinesses Maternity Leave: What to Expect When Your Employee is Expecting

There are two main laws that outline maternity leave laws: the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. While both are designed to protect the employee, small businesses owners—especially those with just a handful of employees—might wonder about their rights. The pregnancy of an employee and the period of time after the [...]

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Small Steps to Prevent a Big Security Breach

With the recent news that superstore, Target, had the second largest credit card breach in history with more than 40 million credit and debit cards stolen between November 27th and December 15th, many business owners are looking at their own security measures. After all, if a large company like Target—one that spends million of dollars [...]

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With our enhanced website, the NCE not only provides extensive information on legal rights, we also offer advice on business and employment. To keep members educated on the issues affecting their career and retirement preparations, the latest in news is available at all times.

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Members receive advice from some of the best legal, financial, taxation and political professionals in the Country on topics vital to the successful operation of a small business.

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