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The N.C.E. stands for the National Congress of Employers
A national association that represents America's small and medium sized businesses via networking, advocacy, and information sharing.
Our Mission
Advocacy, Education & Benefits
The NCE seeks to provide its members with reliable services, resources, and benefits regardless of one's circumstances or means.
Need For Change
The self-employed and "Micro-Businesses" make up more than half of all businesses in the United States
Roughly forty-one million Americans go without healthcare every day. Families of the self-employed, or those working for small businesses, make up sixty percent of that total.
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Small Business: The Barometer of the Economy

It is no secret that small business can have a huge impact on the economy. When retail giants are slow to change and slow to show change, small businesses are great mirrors to reflect both the health of the economy and the current trends. Taxes and labor quality are cited as the two top problems [...]

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Traits of Successful Small Bunsiness Owners

It takes a lot to become a small business owner. Some things needed are physical like a roof over the business’s head so to speak and the capital to get started. But some (if not most) of what it takes to run a successful small business comes from inside the entrepreneur. There is a special [...]

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Cost and value are subjective in terms of what a customer is willing to pay and what they perceive as a good deal. Many large corporations spend a lot of time and money to develop ways to boost their sales solely through psychological pricing. There are a few tricks of the trade that they use, [...]

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Color Your Small Business

Throughout the years the popularity of colors has definitely changed. In the 1960’s the color of choice was avocado green; but now that color is no-where to be found. Pantone recently named Marsala Red the official color of 2015; but the most popular colors—at least according to the Color Marketing Group—may vary, especially across the [...]

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Small Business Can Make Money On Cyber Monday Too

It is not news that one of the biggest times of the year for businesses is during the holiday season with an overwhelming amount of sales happening in the 4 days after Thanksgiving. As a small business, you might think that you cannot compete with the big box stores for some of those holiday dollars, [...]

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With our enhanced website, the NCE not only provides extensive information on legal rights, we also offer advice on business and employment. To keep members educated on the issues affecting their career and retirement preparations, the latest in news is available at all times.

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Members receive advice from some of the best legal, financial, taxation and political professionals in the Country on topics vital to the successful operation of a small business.

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